Brno sightseeing

If you are interested in spending few more days in Brno or near vicinity, explore cheap beer, you are welcome to and see something you might be interested in:)

Brno has:

  • cheap beer, around 1 EUR per half liter from tap
  • different varieties of beer – almost all pubs/restaurants have their own breweries
  • meat – Czech traditional cuisine consists of different kinds of tasty meat dishes
  • hills (no further comments for Dutchies needed:-))
  • very nice nature
    • forests, meadows,
    • Caves – mainly “Punkevní jeskyně” = Punkva’s cave
    • Macecha abyss – Europes’ deepest abyss (138m)
  • Zoo
  • Museums, many unique architectural buildings (e.g. Villa Tugendhat)
  • and much more