Cancellation Policy

We have a strict cancellation and non-refund policy.

Once participants registers with their team captain, the state is “registered”. A participant who is chosen by a specialized algorithm by random is changed state to “confirmed”. These participants will have 5 days to make a payment directly to the team captain, who will mark this information into the registration system. If participants chooses not to send payment within 5 days, the state changes to “cancelled” and the place is made available for other people, again selected by the algorithm.

Once the payment is made to the team captain according to our rules, the state is changed to “paid”. In this case, the person is fully registered to ETDS and will be counted on to come.

However, if from any reason participant chooses to withdraw from ETDS tournament, there will be no refund made, nor can such participant or team captain choose to whom will the place go instead. Every empty slot will be handled by the raffling system.

The only exclusion from the rule is getting us a written proof signed by the doctor stating medical emergency, which disallowed the participant to attend the ETDS from health related issues. In such case, a 50% refund will be made for participation fee only (not for merchandising).