Price and payments

The price

  • 80 EUR student
  • 90 EUR non-student

What does it cover?

  • sleeping in sleeping halls
  • tournament fee
  • Prague Film Orchestra live experience
  • a uniquely shaped medal for all finalists
  • a [large] cup for 6 people in each final (both dancers in couple for the placements 1-3 in each category)
  • 3x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x dinner
  • an amazing experience;)


The payment shall be made to team captain after participant is selected in our registration system. After the Team Captain receives the payment, you are admitted to the ETDS tournament. If the team captain won’t receive payment by 01.07.2018, the participant is will be canceled from ETDS in favor of all the others waiting in line.

Why so much?

You may have noticed that the price is higher than previous ETDSes. While you may feel negatively surprised by it, there are many reasons for it.

Because it is a small ETDS (compared to ones with limit ~500-600 participants), the cost for “mutual stuff” (e.g. tournament hall, cups, medals, photographer, sleeping halls, …) needs to be split in between a smaller amount of people. Hence to cover the overall costs, we were forced to increase the price. Few more remarks:

  • we don’t have any funding/financial backup from universities, grants, … All the income is from participants
  • we can’t sell/profit on drinks -> there is a bar operated by a 3rd party, which is non-negotiable
  • food is going to be perfect -> for those of you who took part in 54th ETDS in Brno, it will be the same provider, who is, as you may have guessed, expensive. I think everyone enjoyed choice from multiple meals 24/7:)
  • the Prague Film Orchestra will start on Saturday 13th of October, 20:00. We believe, that after you see it, all of you will forget about the price and simply enjoy the dancing on live music to the fullest extent:)

Final note -> no one is forced to attend the ETDS. If you feel it’s too expensive, based on the number of the total registrations in recent years, and the time the places were sold out, there will be someone else who can take the place:)

Refund/cancellation policy

Because Brno is far away, we also have a strict refund policy. After the payment is made to the team captain, and you are admitted to the tournament, you will not receive your money back if you no longer wish to participate. You cannot give your existing place to another participant, as they will be chosen by the raffling system from the waiting list if the need arises. Once the payment is made, it will not be refunded unless serious health complications are confirmed by a paper from your doctor. In such case, we will return 50% of the money back. See the cancellation policy for more details.