Cutlery and bar

On the event, there will be plates available for you. However, please do bring your own cutlery, bowl for breakfast cereals, and cup for tee/coffee, as we won’t have those. The thing is, we can’t wash dishes at the event. There will be a place to quickly wash clean bowl/cup/cutlery.

The bar will be opened until ~03:00 AM every day. However, like it was the last time around, it is not under our jurisdiction. It is strictly forbidden by the venue for any participants to be drinking any beverages or consuming food, which were not bought in the official bar. The bar offers kofola, beer, coffee, juice, different varieties of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, as well as sparkling wine:) Also, it offers hotdogs for 20 CZK, ham panini (ham, cheese, rucola) for 70 CZK, and mozarella panini (mozzarella, tomato, basile) for 70 CZK. However, as it is a part of the venue, we can’t alter their prices, and we have no income from it.

In the bar, it is possible to pay only by cash – cards are not accepted. You can pay in both CZK and EUR, but if you choose to pay in EUR, the money difference will be returned to you in CZK. The bar will have 1 EUR = 24 CZK exchange rate. For example, you pay 1 EUR for hot dog, which will result in giving you back 4 CZK. The nearest ATM is 300m, so not that far away (on the same street, so you can’t get lost):)