Important information

The ETDS is very near, so here is the most up-to-date info for 09.10.2018:

  • a single sleeping hall will be opened on Friday from 08:00, where you can either leave your luggage, or get some sleep after a long trip
  • we need helpers for new breakfast shifts
  • we need as many [strong] people as we can get for Friday 14:00 for helping shifts for venue setup
  • please bring bowl for cereals, cutlery, and mug for tea/coffee. You don’t need to bring plates.
  • we are happy to inform you, that there will be free water with lemon available during the whole tournament, so that you don’t need to drink water from sink (which is perfectly fine in Czech btw).
  • the bar will have a fixed exchange rate of 1 EUR = 24 CZK. For example, if you order a hot dog (20 CZK), you will be refunded only in CZK (4 in this case).
  • although there will not be dinner, bar sells hotdogs and panini, so you can have dinner at the venue during/after workshops
  • the tournament hall opens on Friday at 16:30, followed by workshops from 17:00
  • if you travel by car, you need to buy a 10 day vignette for 310 CZK (for vehicles below 3.5t) => for Czech highways
  • all sleeping halls needs to be vacated and cleaned before 08:00 on Monday, because all of them have their regular schedule (sorry, can’t do anything about that)
  • very high-level schedule was prepared