Important information #2

The ETDS is very near, so here is the most up-to-date info for 10.10.2018:

  • ladies – heel protectors are mandatory
    • if you don’t have them:
      • Heller Dance (Údolní 29) is open only on Friday 10:00-18:00
      • Elis Dance Sport (Lidická 30) is open Friday 10:30–12,30 + 13,00–18:00; and Saturday 10:00-13:00
  • unfortunately, there won’t be a dance shop at the ETDS
  • Heller DanceSport has given vouchers for finals, which you can use in their web store as well
  • the city of Brno gave us information leaflets about Brno in English and Czech -> you can collect them on Friday, and explore the city if you get the chance:)
  • the adjudicators list has been finalized, you can find it on
  • Preliminary tournament schedule has been finalized for now -> you can check it in details:
  • Food delivery: in Czech, it’s very common to order food through – for the food to be delivered at specified time to specified location. You can pay by card in advance, and ask the tournament hall guard to take your order if you are not around specifically:)
  • [car parking] in Brno, there recently appeared blue zones. Most of these will take affect after the ETDS -> from 01.11.2018 (lucky us!). Therefore, you can still park on these places nearby the venue. You cannot park in blue zones in the very historical part of the city center, so try to avoid that -> don’t park in the zone surrounded by yellow on the official map
  • [paid car parking] there is a park house very near the venue (unfortunately, pages only in Czech) where you can park your car. For example, 4 days for 800 CZK; or you can also use short-term parking by hours (max 250 CZK per 24 hours) ->
  • please sign up for helping shifts and make the ETDS possible:) current free shifts are: