Public voting

Open class finals will be special this time around:) The adjudicators will select the best dancers into the final, however it will change there. All the participants will be given adjudication sheets – 1 for ballroom, 1 for latin. Please don’t loose them, and bring them to the Open finals. You will give away crosses => if you like someone, you can give him cross = mark for that dance. You have up to 3 crosses (0; 1; 2; or 3) to give away to a leader for 1 dance, and up to 3 crosses (0; 1; 2; or 3) to give away for a follower for 1 dance. In the end, we will sum all the crosses for individual dancers, and make the order for places:)

You will fill your ID# with the one you have printed on your ID card – a single participant can vote only once for ballroom and once for latin.

All the individual dancers (both leaders and followers) in the Open finals will have numbers 1-8. Usually only 6 couples make it into final, but in case there is a match, we decided for a fail-safe for up to 8 couples possibility in the finals.

An example how the filled sheet can look like: